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guided meditation classes at brisbane meditation

About Brisbane Meditation

Our centre is located in Nundah, on Buckland Road
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Our Story

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Brisbane Meditation is a beautiful, light filled, and comfortable meditation centre in the heart of Nundah, on Buckland Road in Brisbane.

Whether you've been looking for help with reducing your stress and anxiety, improving your mental health and well-being, increasing your focus and concentration, being able to sleep better, and even spiritual growth, this meditation method will provide you with sustainable, long term benefits towards your goals.


Our meditation can help you find your own inner peace, reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms, improve cognitive function, promote relaxation, and connect with your true self - whatever it is, it's all within you!


The Guided Meditation Method

Our unique 7-step method is an effective way to release and let go of stress, anxiety, depression and negativity, helping you feel lighter, happier, calmer, and more at peace as well as achieving more focus, clarity, and wisdom.

The method is used in over 345 centres globally, offering in person and online guided meditation, serving all of Queensland.

As a member, you have unlimited access to in-person and online guided meditation from our expert meditation guides, who are available to help, 7 days a week, making it one of the best places in Brisbane to practice meditation.

This meditation is designed like a course, so our aim is to help you finish as fast as possible! So if you are looking to deepen your meditation practice and get personalized support, this could be the perfect solution for you.

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