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Joining Guided Meditation Classes

Become a member to access fully guided, face to face meditation classes at our meditation centre and online

The Benefits of Becoming a Member

Guided Meditation with Personalized
Attention and Guidance


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We are always here to hold your hand and make sure you are achieving your goals, addressing your difficulties and staying on track.

We are always available to help you with customized advice and support whenever you need it, 7 days a week, helping you to deepen your practice.

Unique and Effective Meditation Method


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Our 7-step method is designed to take you one step at a time towards finding your True Mind and achieving permanent change.


Follow a process of self reflection and letting go. You don't need to try and "stop thinking", the method will do that work for you!

Meditation with Long-Term Benefits


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This is not a quick fix! Create a permanent change in your life as your mind changes. We will keep you accountable.

Meditation Membership & Options

Membership Value


  1. Unlimited, face to face, guided meditation classes at the centre and online

  2. Unlimited consultations

  3. Meditation guides with over 50 years experience

  4. Open 7 days a week: 9am - 10pm (Monday - Saturday), 9am - 4pm (Sunday)

  5. Remove stress, anxiety, and negativity and become naturally happy, calm, peaceful and positive

  6. Unique, goal orientated, 7 step meditation method course with a completion

  7. Long term, sustainable change

Monthly Membership Options

Trial - 1 Month



Perfect to try meditation for a month

Valid for one month

Unlimited Live Guided Meditation

Unlimited Consultations

Private + Group Classes

Most Popular

Starter - 3 Month



Recommended option to see how it can change your life

Valid for 3 months

Unlimited Live Guided Meditation

Unlimited Consultations

Private + Group Classes

$120 / month

Committed - 12 Month



Meditate for 12 months and see your life change

Valid for 12 months

Unlimited Live Guided Meditation

Unlimited Consultations

Private + Group Classes


Free Sessions

Want to know more? Book a free 20 minutes Introductory Seminar


Try a free 1 hour guided meditation class




How long do the sessions last?

1 hour, but it can be reduced according to your needs.


What does a typical meditation session look like?


The sessions are 1 hour, and we start with a short lecture to change our perspective and prepare it the mind for meditation.


We then guide you for about 45- 50 minutes of meditation, ensuring you're staying on track throughout.


We end with feedback and answering any questions you have.

How many times can I meditate? Do you recommend a minimum amount?

It's unlimited! You can request a guided meditation session at the centre or online during our open hours, and we recommend you do at least 3 sessions a week.

How long does it take to complete the course?


If you do it diligently, it can take 6 - 12 months.

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