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Are you struggling to stay focused? How meditation is the biggest help to your everyday life

Losing focus is a normal part of life, but how much lost focus is too much? When you can't focus in your everyday life, it's difficult to achieve the goals you've set yourself, especially kicking off a new year. Now is about the time where people are losing focus on their goals.

How can i be more focused in everyday life? how can i control all my distractions?
Do you have too much going on in your mind?

Why is focus difficult?

According to Harvard, some of the underlying symptoms for a lack of focus are mild cognitive and mood impairments, like depression and anxiety. People regularly turn to medication to help them with their focus, but wouldn't you rather deal with the underlying issue?

stress and anxiety make me lose focus
Stress and anxiety can lead to a lack of focus - another symptom of too many thoughts

There's also many lifestyle changes you can make which will help you with your focus, or create a problem around it.

But by far, the most common cause for a lack of focus, is having too many thoughts. In a world where distraction is generally within hand reach (you're probably holding it right now!), we really need to learn to take control of our mind.

What can I do for my focus? 7 practical tips

  1. Meditation - clear your thoughts

  2. Control your environment - remove distractions

  3. Eat properly - a vegetable based diet is easier for your body to break down, thus consuming less energy

  4. Limit caffeine - what goes up must come down

  5. Good quality sleep - removes your brain focus

  6. Stay hydrated - keeps you energized

  7. Structure your days appropriately - if you have a slump during a certain period of the day, then keep the difficult tasks away from that time

Releasing the build up of thoughts in your mind will radically improve your focus

How is meditation the best?

Meditation that releases thoughts from your mind - this is your best option.

When you don't have 10,000's of thoughts, you can put your mind to anything and give your whole heart and mind to the task at hand - with a mind that doesn't fluctuate.

Stress and anxiety lead us to wanting to comfort the mind. This is why we seek the dopamine hit created by certain distractions. It's easy and feels good.

But when you don't have 10,000s of thoughts, you also don't have overwhelming stress and anxiety!

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