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Welcome to
Brisbane Meditation

Find your eternal happiness within!

Guided Meditation for
Happiness, Peace and a  Stress Free Life!

It's the most joyful news in the world!

Are you tired of living a life that's full of stress, pain, burden and doubts? 


The good news is, you don't need to anymore! You can live with peace, calmness, happiness and wisdom by simply letting go of the false mind of lies that's been stored in your mind from the moment you were born.


When you are reborn, you can find your True Self - the infinite, eternal Universe!

Guided Meditation Method


meditate with an in depth method in brisbane.png
  • Learn to self-reflect

  • Goal orientated meditation

  • Truly understand your own mind

  • Unique 7 step method to deepen your meditation practice

  • Step by step guidance with In person and online live Guided Meditation

Flexible and to Your Needs


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  • Open 7 days a week

  • 9am - 10pm Monday - Saturday and 9am - 4pm Sunday

  • Unlimited consultations with experienced meditators

Long Term Sustainable Change


meditation for happiness, calmness and focus in brisbane.png
  • Feel good every day, not just while meditating

  • No more stress, pain, burden and suffering

  • Eternally happy, calm and focused

  • Become your True Self and know everything with clarity

Meditators Testimonials

"If you are stressed, reactive, replay the past and future in your head, or just want to get rid of unhelpful patterns and habits, then I’d highly recommend this meditation."

Tara L

Benefits of our Guided Meditation Method

Clarity, Focus & Productivity

Mind clutter disappears! Think clearly, boosting your efficiency, with effortless decision making.

Calmness, Gratitude & Happiness

Always comfortable and happy! Have confidence in whatever you do, with a positive mindset.

Improved Health &  Completion

No more stress and anxiety! Become free from illness and live a longer and healthier life.

Results of This Guided Meditation Method

473 students were asked about their experiences with the meditation and how they felt they had changed after just 3 months of meditation

Reduced stress
1 brisbane meditation helps reduce stress.png
Relief from worries and anxieties
2 brisbane meditation helps reduce anxiety and worries.png
Less anger and frustrations
3 brisbane meditation helps reduce anger.png
Felt noticeably happier
Had more mental clarity and focus
Noticed improved health conditions
4 brisbane meditation helps increase happiness.png
5 brisbane meditation helps increase mental clarity.png
6 brisbane meditation helps improve health.png

Enhance Your Happiness.

Human happiness is about living without worries;

the mind that brings happiness is one

that wishes for others to live better lives.



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