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Everything exists within you

Meditation for
Clarity, Freedom and Wisdom!

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Meditation Benefits

Clarity, Focus & Productivity

As all of the mind clutter disappears, you are able to think clearly and your efficiency can be boosted by more than 10 times.

Calmness, Gratitude & Happiness

You are always comfortable and happy as exhaustion disappears. You have confidence in whatever it is you do. Naturally your face becomes bright and your outlook on life will change to positive as well.

Improved Health & Achieve Human Completion

You will become free from illness and have longevity. As your mind changes to the living consciousness of the universe, you achieve human completion and will be able to find all the answers within.

Our Story

Brisbane Meditation is a tranquil and comfortable place to rest your mind and body.

 At our centre, we use a simple 7-step meditation method

that is used in over 345 centres globally.

This meditative practice continues to grow worldwide due to its ground-breaking results. 

Our method is truly revolutionary because the state of human completion

or oneness with all things, which has been sought by spiritual traditions throughout history, is now a present day reality.

The age of human completion has begun and at Brisbane Meditation,

we are truly grateful to be able to guide you along this incredible journey

towards the discovery of your True self! 

What people say

Image by AJ

This meditation has changed my life!
Also it has helped my son to deal with his anxiety.​
My life is starting to make sense.
I finally feel like I belong in the world and am a part of something truly amazing.
I am always smiling.
I am so grateful I found this meditation.

Erin Lane, Brisbane QLD

Enhance your happiness.

Human happiness is about living without worries;

the mind that brings happiness is one

that wishes for others to live better lives.