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Problems often present new possibilities

When Covid hit us, no one knew exactly what was going on. It simply presented each of us individual and unique versions of chaos!

Every cloud has a silver lining, seeing the positive side through meditation
Every cloud has a silver lining

What each person experienced with all these ‘new norms’, seemed to vary on a very broad scale. Some seemed to struggle much more than others, with anger and frustration with social distancing and following the new rules, whereas some didn’t mind much, even liking to be able to work from home.

Anyhow, things had to change for all of us and we had no choice but to follow whether you like it or not: Lockdown, social distance, and mandatory masks!

Although things haven’t quite finished yet and I am not really sure if it will ever fully end, one thing for sure, it has opened up a whole new world for us, in other words, a digital online platform.

Before Covid, we guided meditation classes only at our local centres and people would come to the centre to meditate. We never thought of guiding people using mobile phones or computers. However, under lockdown, when everyone feared each other because of the possibility of infection, the level of stress and anxiety was escalating faster than usual, and meditation was really needed as a result.

online meditation
In an attempt to reach out to those people in need and help them release their stress and anxiety, online meditation came like a life jacket to people who where struggling in the water.

Now each local centre is offering both in-person and online meditation sessions. It is so fantastic. People now can join from anywhere around the world as long as they have an internet connection. Helpers from the local centres in Oceania region are volunteering to host Free Online Meditation classes every Tuesday and Saturday, and you can easily see people joining not only from Australia and New Zealand, but also from Europe, Africa, and Asia etc.

Eliminating the geographical boundaries and connecting people via online platforms has just opened up so many possibilities for us.

We are truly grateful for it. Now we can help a lot more people who are in search of Truth. The more people find the truth within, the happier place this world will be.

Just like the saying every coin has two sides, although Covid did bring us some negative impact and forced us to change in many ways, we should see the positive side of it and keep moving forward!

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