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Best Birthday Present to Myself at Brisbane Meditation

This meditation changed my life!!

Last year I moved back to Western Australia from Brisbane after Covid and it took some time to get settled with Work home and family life, which unfortunately then I found myself not making meditation a priority like I had in the past.

My Birthday Present to Myself at Brisbane Meditation

So as a 40th birthday present to myself...this week I returned to Brisbane Meditation. Even though we have two centres (Mandurah & Perth Meditation) in Western Australia, I thought I would escape Perth's cold weather and distractions so I could reset and focus better.

I did a lot of self-reflection and journaling as well as intensive meditation to help discard the accumulated thoughts and stress of everyday life and responsibilities.

Brisbane Meditation flyer
Giving out Meditation flyers

We also did a promotion to local shops and businesses as well as a lot of walking and grounding/earthing at local parks in this beautiful Brisbane sunshine ☀️ with beautiful healthy food to enjoy also!

I definitely feel a lot better with myself ready to return home to my busy schedule.

Erin with members at Brisbane Meditation
Members at Brisbane Meditation
My favorite part of this week was talking to the Brisbane Meditation members, sharing my meditation journey and changes as well as listening to the benefits and challenges within their lives!

Thank you!

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Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
Jul 07, 2023

Good choice Erin, it’s freezing here in Mandurah! 🥶

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