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"Meditation Is Not For Me" - Are You Saying Exercise Is Not For You? Why You *Need* Meditation!

You might not like exercising.

Let's face it, sometimes it can suck, waking up on a cold winters morning, putting those shoes on and getting down to the gym.

But you always feel better after. Always.

So what about meditation, why do we need it?

Everyone needs to meditate
Everyone needs to meditate

The evidence on exercise is clear

I think we've all become accustomed to the fact that exercise is a necessity.

Being sedentary for too long creates all sorts of health issues.

Not moving creates issues with weight, hips and back, heart disease, diabetes, and even mental health issues, and worse still - there are now studies suggesting it leads to an increase in certain types of cancers.

We need to move so the blood can flow well and keep the body healthy.

It's not really a question of whether we need to exercise, it usually boils down to whether we want to make it a priority.

The evidence on the need for meditation is clear

We've spoken about this in our other blogs - there's so many benefits to meditation.

But we're not talking about this from that perspective - we're talking about the necessity of it.

Inside of your own mind, you've constructed an entire mind world of lies from the moment you were born.

You think you're living in the world, but you're living inside of that mind world like a lifeless robot.

You're living inside of a non existent reality in your mind - this is why you need to meditate
You're living inside of a non existent reality in your mind

If you die inside of that bubble, then you will disappear forever, lost in that illusion.

If you come out of that bubble, and find your true self - the Universe - and are reborn from there, then you will live forever.

What could be more important than this?

Shouldn't the destiny of a caterpillar be to become a beautiful butterfly?

This is not a question of whether you think meditation is for you or not - the fact is, it is a necessity.

You weren't born to die and disappear forever. What's the point of that?

This is what the need for meditation is!


If you can say exercise isn't for you, or eating isn't for you, or drinking water isn't for you, or breathing air isn't for you - then you can say meditation isn't for you.

But if you can't, then what are you waiting for?

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Unknown member
Jun 21, 2023

Thanks for sharing


Bright Wisdom
Bright Wisdom
Jun 14, 2023

Can't agree more! Thank you for the helpful post!

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