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Brisbane Opens it's new Meditation Centre!

Brisbane, capital of the Sunshine State, home to the Great Barrier Reef, host of the 1982 Commonwealth Games and host of the 2032 Olympics.

Brisbane City | Brisbane Meditation blog

Brisbane is a wonderful modern metropolis, set within the beautiful paradise of Queensland but it has also had its share of tragedy in recent times, through a series of devastating floods.

Lets face it, no matter how fabulous the conditions are we live within, tragedy always seems to find a way into our lives, at the most inappropriate of times. It skilfully finds its way in through the small cracks in our reality.

It appears impossible to avoid depression and suffering, however there is now a proven method which can free us from the burdens of carrying around such negativity.

This Method is taught through Meditation.

Meditation room at Brisbane Meditation

The Meditation will free you from that which is false, that which stops you from appreciating the true wonder of the world you live within. It will free you from the Ghosts of the past that so often control and manipulate our thoughts.

Meditation will provide you with the tools to break away from the chains which bind you.

You really can experience a better life!

Join our free online Meditation sessions to find out how you too can live a better life or simply book your one-on-one introduction!

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1 Comment

Erin Lane
Erin Lane
Jul 01, 2022

So happy we have a centre here in Brisbane.

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