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Meditation Workshops are the Answer for your Company!

The recently opened Brisbane Meditation now offers dynamic Self Development Workshops, specifically designed for your Company, Sporting Group, Community Organisation or Individual needs.

As we are all very well aware, Mental Health is central to a harmonious and productive work environment, which is exactly why our workshops have been developed.

Self development meditation workshop | Brisbane Meditation

The Self Development Workshops will enable participants to gain mastery of their own mind, which is the basis for positive change and the key to happiness, as well as personal and professional fulfilment.

The workshops will provide insight into how we think and our underlying cause of stress. It will also give participants the solution to obtaining a peaceful and beneficial approach to life's challenges.

The topics which will be covered within the workshops include:

* The links between stress and our mind.

*Understanding our process of thinking and the real cause of stress.

*Practical self reflection.

The content of the workshops will cover areas such as;

1. Stress Release and warm up exercises.

2. Understanding what stress really is and how it affects the mind.

3. What is the human mind?

4. Changing our perspective - Who am I?

5. Practical self reflection.

6. Solutions to living stress free.

7. Discussion

We will tailor each workshop specifically to meet your individual needs.

At the end of the workshops, participants often experience:

* A greater level of Calmness

* A clear understanding of what controls their thoughts.

* An awareness of what really causes our unhappiness.

* Real solutions to life burdens.

Workshop review | Brisbane Meditation

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you.

We also offer online workshops for those with difficult schedules or distance problems and we are happy to accommodate those in remote locations.

For Western Australia, please contact Perth & Mandurah Meditation

For New South Wales, please contact Sydney Meditation

For Victoria, please contact Melbourne Meditation

For New Zealand, please contact Auckland Meditation


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