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Love, God, the Universe, Truth? What and where?

Q: Love, Truth, and God ? do these words all mean the same?

True love is the acts of God who is Truth, whose acts are done without the thought that they are being done. The universe was created by the Universe that existed before the conception of universe ever existed, and in the same way, these words all mean the same.

Mother Nature | Brisbane Meditation
Q: Where is the Universe?

The Universe is as it is, but it is only when the Universe exists within oneself that people will be reborn as righteous people and it will become a world where everything and everyone are one.

The Universe exists in all material things, and the material things and the Universe are one. Those who are separate from the Universe are people filled with delusions, and those who exist with the Universe within are the truly living.

Q: What is Truth?

Truth is the place that existed before the Universe that is true. Truth is the only God that exists amidst absolute emptiness. Such is the Truth’s body and mind, which is Jung and Shin. This place created the universe, and this place is where heaven exists. This existence is never-changing; there is nowhere that it is not present in the Universe; it is the Universe itself; and from the perspective of Truth, everything in existence is born in the complete world.

Q: Is there a way to reach Truth?

The Universe within oneself is Truth. A person who has become free of his sins and karma can reach Truth. One’s self consists of his body and mind. A person who has become free of, or discarded, his body and mind, can reach Truth.

Way to Truth | Brisbane Meditation

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Erin Lane
Erin Lane
01 jul 2022

Wow , another interesting read. Thank you.

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