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Do You Feel Like You're a Lifeless Pre-Programmed Robot? How You Can Start Breaking Free Today


Why is The Mind Like a Lifeless Robot?
What is True Freedom?
How To Start Breaking Free Today! 3 Steps


If you feel trapped or dead inside, repeating the same patterns over and over again no matter how hard you try, then this article will shine light on what that is. You'll know what it means to have true freedom and feel totally alive with great liberation and freedom. Most importantly, this article will provide you with 3 steps you can take to start changing that mind. You are part of the Universe, but from your birth to your death, you've lived running according to the programming in your mind...

How the mind is like a lifeless robot | The programming of my life dictates my life - how do I break free?
"How come R2D2 has more freedom than me?!"

Why is the Mind Like a Lifeless Robot?

When you were born, you didn't just come as a clean slate. You were a little baby robot to two big adult robots. Stored inside of your parents and ancestor's minds, is all the programming from their own life and their habits and body.

They were born, just like you, pre-programmed with their ancestors "mind traits" (which we can call habits), and from their own life, they saw the world through those habits, and just lived their life out according to them. And so their habits became stronger.

So imagine this process of centuries of humanity, with each now copy inheriting the habits and mind traits from the previous generation with more strength to those habits than the previous generation.

And then you were born.

There's 2 ways to know this:
  1. You consciously know you have no freedom!

  2. You repeat the same habits, but still think you're free

1. You consciously know you have no freedom!

If you know about cryptocurrency, the technology behind it is the blockchain. Each new block created on the chain has a record of all past blocks on it. Conceptually, this is how your cells operate. You have the past records of everyone that came before you stored in your cells and in your brain - all of their pain, burden, stress and suffering.

You never stood a chance!

Therefore, you have the habits from your parents and ancestors in your mind, plus the body you have and the life you have lived until now - and so that is the programming you can't escape from - even when you have desperately tried! You've made your own little copy of the world in your mind and you're stuck in there.

You're living inside of your own little copy of the world inside your mind!
You're living inside of your own little copy of the world inside your mind!

Usually this type of person is sick and tired of the way they are and the way they've live, but they don't know how to change (don't worry, we got!)

2. You repeat the same habits, but still think you're free

Even if it's little things like getting angry the same way over and over again. Or like eating the chocolate when you know you shouldn't. Or like saying the things you know you shouldn't. Or like anything about yourself which you "habitually" repeat and you really don't like.

Everything is just habits. Even the things you think you're free on, you're just a robot, playing out the cause and effect sequence of your mind. Good or bad, it's all the same.

These dictate your every thought, feeling and emotion as well as your present and future self, because it's all based on the past. So, if it's all from the past, how can you be free?

What does this mean about you? It means there's no true freedom.

And not to rock the boat, if you enjoy those good aspects of yourself, that's fine, that's beautiful. Go to the beach, go for a nature walk, go camping or fishing, go on a holiday, look up at the sky in awe.

But you need to know, that feeling can be with you every day - and that's the feeling of true freedom, where everything becomes good!

What is True Freedom?

True freedom is when your true self decides and does - your true self being the universe. When the body and mind are in total alignment with your true self - the true body and true mind - of the Universe, then this is true freedom.

Your true self is the infinite universe - it's not the false programming you inherited at birth, nor is it the false programming you've overlaid in your mind through your life. This is being confined in a false reality, and that's the opposite of freedom. If you live that way, you end up just dying and disappearing inside of that false world of lies.

What is my true self? How do I discover my true self?
True freedom is to live as your true self - the Universe

Your true self is before and beyond the physical body and it's birth and death. The universe has true freedom because it is unrestricted and unconfined - it is nature's flow itself. So, everything flows without a care or worry and is in true freedom.

But hold on! If that is true freedom, and that is also your true self, then you're probably thinking it sounds great but outrageously and impossibly unachievable.

Think again :)

How To Start Breaking Free Today! 3 Steps

This was previously unachievable in its totality. From within that programming in your mind, you could adjust it and tweak it and alter it and try to fix it from within your mind (with a lot of difficulty, trial and error!). But you could never escape from it completely...

Until now.

It goes without saying, that all of the other methodologies also don't deliver the ultimate goal - to live forever as your birth right - the Universe itself! We have members here and in the 100's of centre's worldwide achieving it right now. So how do we do that?

Step 1) Start seeing your mind objectively

All you have in your mind is the body you were born with, the habits from your parents and ancestors, and the life you have lived until now. None of that is you.

In your mind, it's just your own little copy of the world, and it's created this false and limited mind of lies inside, disconnected from the rest of the world. Disconnected from true reality, in that "matrix" in your mind.

Are you the failure you had in your year 11 exams? Are you the anxiety you experienced when you were laughed at during a speech? Are you the negative self talk, beating yourself up and putting yourself down? All of those things which have shattered your confidence and blinded you from living out your true, authentic self?


How do I break free from the lies in my mind!?
What you have in your mind is not you! It's time to break free

Sorry to break it to you (if you love being a victim), but that is not you!

Start writing record in a diary and just see what kind of thoughts and feelings you have in your mind and body. With 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day, and 80% repetitive and negative, you'll soon start to see how rubbish they are, and how they keep you locked in.

Step 2) Start developing the skill of self reflection

Start reflecting on everything you have in your mind. Just stop and see what's in there. Look at what you did today, where you woke up, what you had for breakfast, your morning routines, getting ready for work or study, being at work or home or school, all the things throughout the day, lunches, activities, meetings, clients, socializing, preparing dinner, night time routines, then everything in between.

You could see most of if not all of that, depending what you did during the day, right? That is your own little mind world - your own little copy. Your body, which is like a 5 senses camera is just recording everything continuously.

How do I become my true self? How do I break free from my false self?
You have your own little mind world, but behind it is the Universe, your true self

That's where all the mind of lies springs from, bubbling over in your mind, stealing your freedom, your peace, your calmness, your happiness. That's the code to the script that is playing on repeat in your mind!

That's what you need to get rid of in order to be free.

Step 3) Start discarding the false mind and body

The false mind is that mind of pictures which you think you are and the world therein, and the body is the container you think that's experiencing it. Your true mind and true body is the Universe which is behind all of that - the mind and body of true freedom and liberation.

From there, you need to discard everything from that copy of yourself which overlaps your true self and clear out that programming and mind world completely. When that lifeless world in your mind which you live according to disappears from your mind, then your body and mind returns to your true body and mind - the Universe!

And then, when you are reborn from there, then you will live forever as the Universe. It's just simple logic. This is how you were always meant to live!

In order to do this, you need to be guided step by step, and the best place to get the guidance is from the experts who are teaching it!

*waves vigorously* Hello :D

Back to our 2 friends:
  1. You consciously know you have no freedom!

  2. You repeat the same habits, but still think you're free

1. You consciously know you have no freedom!

If all of this resonated with you, now you can act or not act. And if you're lucky, the programming allows you to act!

And this where we help. You need full guidance and support, which is what we set our meditation centre up to do. If you're interested in joining, and getting expert help on how to change and find your true freedom, book a Free Introduction and visit our centre in Nundah and we'll help you get under way and clarify anything you need.

2. You repeat the same habits, but still think you're free

You're probably sceptical, and life is good enough so why rock the boat? That's fair enough, no problem. But it also may have piqued your curiosity to know you can feel amazing every day, then you can read more about our method here.

You can also join us for a Free Guided Meditation session with the link below. It's online, but if you want to do it at our meditation centre with us, make sure to let us know when you sign up.


We've lost sight of who we truly are - in fact we never, even really knew! You are the Universe - the great, infinite and eternal Universe - unrestricted and unconfined with complete freedom. But there is no freedom because you're living like a robot according to your habits, your body and the life you have lived. That mind world you have stored in you, is a mind of lies, it's just a copy and it's not the real you, and it needs to go. If you want to become completely free, forever, you can achieve it now by simply following the step by step method that's been designed to get rid of that programming completely and take you that place of true freedom and your true self, the Universe.

Have you had enough of your script yet? Or will you let it deceive you out of freedom yet again?

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