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What is the goal of this meditation?

The goal of this meditation is to make people live eternally. The consequence of this is that all stress, pain, burdens, and doubts disappear completely, and consequently there is nothing but calmness, peace, happiness and certainty. Most people will come for one of the reasons mentioned in the previous sentence, however, they are a side consequence to the ultimate reason – to live eternally. When one is living eternally, there is no self, and so there is no fear of death, and so there is no more negative minds – only the positive mind remains. Then there is total oneness and the ultimate solution for world peace and harmony.
Formula to live forever | How to live eternally
The formula to live eternally

How is that possible?

You may be asking yourself how is this even possible? Does eternal life even exist? Unfortunately, this is not something we can tell you – it is something you must discover for yourself. If it were as simple as just telling you, we could end the blog post in the first paragraph, and you could just believe it and be done with it – but the human mind doesn’t work like this. So, the best we can do is provide some analogies in an effort to inspire you to want to find it for yourself.

The Universe exists forever, and it has no beginning or end. Some of the best theories in science is that the Universe came from a big bang, and it is expanding. Even if this were true, there is still the endlessness that existed before this and will exist after that, both in time and in space. The rational brain can not grasp this – it’s an impossibility. It sees things in time having a beginning or end, and a fixed amount of space. But just as the people of the world thought the earth was flat, it needed time and evidence to prove that it wasn’t the case. It is the same here. However, the evidence is you. Once you discover it, it is undeniable, and it is something that everyone can testify to irrespective of age, race, or creed.

What is God | What is the Universe
The Universe existed forever before and forever after. It has been given many names

All throughout history, there have been various prophets and saints whose selves disappeared, and they were able to see and know that existence of the Universe which exists eternally. They have called it by many names – God, Buddha, Allah and countless other names. But the common thread between all of them, is the understanding that the “self” in the mind does not exist, it is an illusion, and there is only that existence. That existence is the eternally living, never dying and endless existence. That existence is the Spirit and Soul of the Universe which is the Body and Mind of the Universe. That existence is within you.

So how do I achieve that?

So, if that existence is within you, then how can you find it? The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy. The answer is for the entire self to disappear so that only that existence remains. For that entire self to disappear, one must discard it completely. The three components of that self are the life one has lived stored in the mind, which is built on top of the habits one has inherited from one’s ancestors and stored in the body. That is the mind – the life lived, habits and body. Therefore, if one simply discards that entirely, then only the true existence will remain.

Trapped in the mind | I am a bubble
Humans are living as a bubble-like existence in their own self-made mind worlds

In this way, humans are living inside of their own self-made bubbles. Everyone is totally disconnected and living a thoroughly self-centred life. This is not to say that as an insult – it is simply a matter of fact. Even the most altruistic people are driven fundamentally by their own self motivations. Because we are living inside of that self-made bubble, we are not actually living in the world, but living inside of our own little non existent mind worlds. When the bubble bursts, as it inevitably will, it no longer exists. It is the same as your own existence. Another analogy is to think of an electronic device. When your phone runs out of battery, if you don’t plug it into a charger, it will just eventually stop working. The electricity here is the Universe, and the phone is your bubble-like mind. You must plug into the eternal source in order to live forever.

In this meditation, we have that method to take you there. There are countless words in the world, but can those words take you there? The place where that is actually being achieved is the true place where that can be achieved. It doesn’t matter what name you want to give it either – whether you call it Bill, Harry or John – the name is not in the least bit relevant. What’s relevant is that existence and that place that can take you to that existence. That is the place with the method which can save all of humanity and return us to nature and to our rightful place.

Formula to live forever | How to live eternally
The formula to live eternally is to discard the entire life lived, habits, and body until only the Universe remains!

Even if you don’t believe in eternal life (it’s OK!), all you need to do is lean on the reasons for why you want to meditate. Because even if you want to be free from stress, you will absolutely achieve that by discarding your self completely. Even if you want to achieve a clam mind, you will absolutely achieve that by discarding your self completely. But behind that – behind that bubble like self – there is the eternal existence that is YOU.

Aren’t you even just the slightest bit curious?

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