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Happy students experiences

This method is really producing the results and changing peoples lives. Not just in our centre, but in centre's all around Australia and the world. Here are some of our own happy meditators:

I've tried a variety of different meditations, and while they were really good to relax in that moment while meditating, with this meditation it really carries through into my every day life!

~ Anonymous

I'm glad it's not just us saying this! We're really happy to see that some of our students are really starting to see how amazing the results in this meditation are.

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There's always an experienced, dedicated helper at the centre to guide you and help you

Prior to joining Brisbane meditation, majority of my time was often spent dwelling on my own thoughts with focus on the past and future. When something bad happened or I was feeling sad, it took me days, weeks and even months to come out of it. I lacked presence and would come up with worries about things that hadn’t even happened yet. But within 2 months of joining, all my questions seemed to have dissolved, I have come to realise that those are just experiences, like clouds, they come and go. What remains is the emptiness, the truth, the universe, God as they say. I am not saying I’ve become perfect at it. As humans we must understand that happiness and sadness is part of life. Experiences and challenges will always be there. Its meditation that helps us rise above them and become aware of our being. Know this….if even the slightest desire to be free has arisen in you, you should pat yourself on the back, you are very lucky. Many people on this planet don’t have this blessing. They do not even live. It is sad that people exist, die and dissolve. Meditate and experience heaven on earth!

~ Manish Rama

Why would you want to try this method?

The world is full of competition, and what makes us stand out? The results! All you need to do is try it and see for yourself, and if you diligently follow it's impossible for it not to benefit you.

You get access to live and online guided meditation, a dedicated and experienced meditation guide who is there to guide you and consult with you to make sure you are progressing (you can think of them like a personal trainer for your mind!), a community of support, and best of all, with this method YOU get to know all the answers to your questions on your own! You don't need to pay $150 for 1 session with a psychologist to tell you how your mind is - you can find all the answers for yourself within you.

Who wouldn't want to do this? Why not book a Free Introduction Seminar - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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1 Comment

Bright Wisdom
Bright Wisdom
Jun 07, 2023

Lovely! Thank you for sharing this.

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