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My 'mindset' ultimately led to failure. Then, I found the answer.

Updated: May 20, 2022

This Meditation came to me in about 2009 when a work colleague gave me a brochure about the meditation and suggested I visited the local centre for a seminar.

The brochure sat on my desk for months as my stubborn and proud self kept searching for more or better answers.

Running Man for success | Brisbane Meditation

I had achieved much in my life in being an A grade student, playing high grade sports, having rapid success in my business career, getting married and having children.

But by my early 30’s I was still searching for something else.

I had already done so much but inside me there was a huge gaping hole.

None of this achievement was filling the hole, in fact, it just made it bigger.

This mindset ultimately led to failure and my marriage eventually ended, my work suffered, and I was unhealthy. My work colleague showed me this meditation website and I knew that this was the answer.

I had been adding and adding my whole life (to please myself, please my parents, please my workmates, please my wife and family ) but the answer was really to subtract.

I started this meditation and the impact was immediate. I went to the local centre most nights after work and flew through Level 1, 2 and 3. At night I would sleep through until morning (before this I would wake thinking about work or money, or both).

During the day I would use the method to subtract remembered thoughts and conceptions I had about people like work colleagues and family.

During level 4, life got difficult. I had to settle a divorce, deal with losing my loved grandparents, enter a new but different relationship and move farther away from the local centre. I tried to deal with all of these things myself.

My stubborn proud self tried to say it knew best and ignored the method which had already provided the answer. I fell back so far that I covered up all of the consciousness that I had discovered.

Self reflection | Brisbane Meditation

Eventually I committed to review level 1. Passing level 1 again showed me the miracle of this method. This time I was able to dig deeper and throw away even more, including the years that had passed with life’s “difficulties”.

I was able to truly find what “grateful” was. I was never grateful before – it was always about me.

I am grateful to the founder, Teacher Woo Myung for the method and the miracle.

I am grateful to the helpers at the main and local centre who continuously guide and support all the students to pass each level, reach completion and live forever.

I hope to complete this study and help others do the same.

Thank you!


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