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The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve

Updated: May 20, 2022

by G. Clifton Sydney , Australia

For ions Christians, Muslims and Jews have dreamt of the possibility of one day returning to the perfect world.

A world like the Garden of Eden, to be one with the Universe and one with God. The Metaphysical and Romantic poets, of the past saw this as a main priority.

Garden | Brisbane Meditation

Most people with be familiar to the story of Adam and Eve, our supposed original ancestors. In the story they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, for eating the forbidden fruit, of the tree of knowledge. There is a much deeper meaning to this story however, it is not simply about Man disobeying a command of God.

The "Original Sin" relates to Adam and Eve, using their newly gained "knowledge", to judge the world around them.

They began to judge each person or event as being "good" or "bad". Our original sin is about making judgements.

In the end because of their knowledge, they understood that they were naked and they felt embarrassed, in the presence of God. It was at that moment that humanity separated themselves from the Universe and we began to live in a false delusional world. It wasn't God who threw Adam and Eve out from the Garden of Eden, it was them themselves.

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Like Adam and Eve, we too negotiate a personal judgment for every situation, every new acquaintance, every food, every car and everyone's house which we encounter.

We believe that by making these judgments, based on our limited perspectives, that we understand the "Truth" and understand the world that we live within.

In reality it is these judgments that separate us from each other and from the "Truth".

It is only through Meditation that we can eliminate these judgment and begin to live the life we were meant too.

Throw away your "False World" and become who you really are.

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