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I held the key to my own prison.

Updated: May 20, 2022

Before starting this meditation, I felt very anxious all the time.

I felt like my life was going in circles and no matter where I went the same patterns and situations kept happening over and over. I had a lot of doubt when started meditating but could see changes in everyday life. I felt happier and like I wasn't going around in circles


Meditation in the mountain | Brisbane Meditation

It was really when I came to the main centre that big minds came up - like everything I had run away was staring me in the face.

A lot of minds came up in level 1 - like big storm but helpers kept saying to me that I should just follow the method sincerely and subtract continuously so I did it.

One by one the minds were coming up and discarded and finally I felt like I trusted the method and felt very grateful to the method.

I was living for only myself and could now see that. The monster I'd been afraid of for so long was finally dissolving and I could see that I had created it. I had given up on the world but when I opened my mind, the world was just waiting to come in.

the Key to unlock | Brisbane Meditation

I held the key to my own prison.

It feels like I'm coming back home.

Thank you!

G. Adam


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