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Something extraordinary needed to happen in my ordinary life.

Updated: May 20, 2022

At some stage in my life, I started to feel that something extraordinary needed to happen in my ordinary life.

There had always been something that bothered me. I tried few things, like reading spiritual books and practicing other types of meditation.

Then, I came across with this meditation. My husband joined first. I heard the concept from him and somehow it made so much sense to me. I felt I had to do it.

Light coming through | Brisbane Meditation

It seemed time was a constraint to me. But when I started, I was hooked into this method of letting go. I discarded my mind every day and it made me feel free day by day.

Even making time for meditation was also not an issue for me.

After completing level 1, I felt the difference and felt liberated from my own mind. The world seemed better and even people seemed nicer.

I continue meditating these days. I can’t describe this amazing feeling I have. I want to live with this feeling forever. I feel like a big burden has been taken off from me.

We, as human beings, live with so much baggage of all our past experiences, expectations, plans and hopes.

And the interesting part is that we don’t even realize that it’s a burden.

This amazing method of throwing away everything inside your mind gives you so much freedom from your own mind. Yes, it’s the freedom from the mind of the self which binds us, and once that is thrown away, you feel so free.

Thanks so much to this method for making it possible.

I can’t wait to complete all the levels and become one with the Universe, the final destination of great bliss.

Minni V. Architect / India

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