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Lovely messages from our visitors!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Dear Brisbane Meditation!

Visit to Brisbane Meditation

The recent trip to your centre was so joyful. I personally had a huge human mind cleansing experience and hope to continue on the path to the universe mind when I’m back in Mandurah. I was also lucky to have my mum with me and when she joined up to start this meditation, I was so happy.

Thank you for being so attentive with her. After just 2 sessions she brightened up tremendously and she can also continue on line when she is back home in Bunbury.

The new centre is full of love and support. The location makes it a breeze to attend being 11 minutes from the airport and also close to the city.

Thank you to all of the students and helpers there I have had a wonderful time.

Vanessa, Mandurah, Western Australia

On a recent trip to Brisbane to visit my sister I had the opportunity to spend time at Brisbane Meditation in Nundah which is a suburb both close to the airport and to CBD.

Nundah has a delightful village feel, a real community feeling. Brisbane Meditation is a lovely echo of this —a community of people working together to help each other, and anyone lucky enough to stumble on it, in their search for peace of mind, relief from stress, a meaningful life...

I experienced such a warm welcome in this light filled centre.

People so willingly and whole heartedly giving their time to all who are seeking to unburden their minds, simply because they themselves have experienced the benefits of following a method of meditation that although simple, is profound and delivers what it promised.

I will return but meantime I can continue guided sessions online!

Helen, Sydney, New South Wales