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How to deal with stress

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

how to deal with stress | Brisbane Meditation

Stress has started to become centre stage in the world, as a major health problem. One study in America found that 1/3 of Americans are living with extreme stress, and that for 48% of these people, the problem is getting worse as time passes. This is actually a serious issue. Similarly related to stress is anxiety, with anxiety also on the rise. Both conditions are just a consequence of the build up of tens of thousands of thoughts in our mind.

In the east, the perceptions of the mind and body is quite different. For example, in Korea the word for “mind” does not have a direct translation. The word “마음 (mah-eum)” refers to the mind / body – they are not considered separate. Their general approach to medicine reflects this, dealing with things at the root and from a systematically whole perspective, as opposed to the west where it’s symptomatically treated – thus the split between mind and body.

But when we are stressed, doesn’t our body physically respond to the stress? A heavy heart, a burning stomach, tense legs – whatever it may be, there is inevitably a physiological response. Thus, the mind and body are one. Because of this, the cells in that region of the body become polluted by your mind, the blood flow becomes blocked, and sickness and illness builds up in that area. Therefore, stress is not only harmful for the “mind”, but it is absolutely detrimental to the “body” – it is quite literally shortening your life span!

We need to look at this in a bit more detail so you can see clearly for yourself the urgency of why stress is quite literally killing you.

The Water Experiment

From 1999, Japanese pseudo scientist and author Dr Masaru Emoto conducted a series of experiments later published in his 2004 book “The Hidden Messages in Water”. The basic hypothesis is that the crystallized structure of water responds differently to positive and negative emotions.

Power of mind, the water experiment | Brisbane Meditation
The difference between positive and negative intentions directed towards crystallizing water

This experiment has evolved over time to further highlight this intriguing phenomenon. Various studies have been done, with one experiment placing jars of rice filled with water side by side. One jar has negativity to projected to it, and the other positivity, and over the course of several weeks, the one with negativity becomes polluted and intoxicated, whilst the one with positivity is pristine and clean. Similar experiments again have been done with plants.

The premise is that projecting thoughts, feelings and emotions towards water directly affects its structure. Given that the human body is composed of 45%-75% water, we ought to pay attention to the type of self-talk we have running in our mind (or better yet, eliminate the negative self-talk completely!). If you are stressed or even anxious, the mind becomes stuck on that region of the body, and it fills up with all the negative thoughts, thereby polluting and intoxicating the cells. It surprising that this study hasn't received the mainstream attention it's deserving of. as the behaviour of your cells is exactly the same. You can see this and know this for yourself when you see from the Universe Mind.

Stagnant water

Humans are naturally drawn to water. It flows, it adapts, it accepts. It is a powerful, life-giving force of nature, something we require for survival, and something we require to clean ourselves with. However, if water becomes stagnant it can be dangerous, if not deadly. Similarly, the flow of our blood (chi) requires the same consistent flow as water for us to maintain a healthy body. When we don’t move, this is how sickness and illnesses build up in the body. Once again, stress can create stagnation simply by virtue of the mind getting “stuck” in that area. Similarly, when we are stressed, tension builds up in the muscles, further blocking the flow of blood. Moving is also difficult if we are overly stressed, but an excellent stress relief is to exercise and move the body and get the mind and body moving.

Stagnant water festers - it needs to flow to be healthy, just like blood circulating through the body

Sickness and illness – cases of going to doctors and “nothing wrong with you”

As a meditation instructor, people often seek out meditation as a “final solution” to their problems. I’ve heard many cases of people having some form of stress or anxiety condition which has created some form of sickness or illness in the body that doctors haven’t been able to define, often even suggesting that nothing is wrong or that it’s “just in their mind” – and this is exactly the issue! Western medicine, as miraculous as it is, does not have all the answers!

Stress is the real pandemic

Stress is a pandemic. And as many studies show, it is on the rise, so why is it actually on the rise? It’s not only a by-product of the structure of society (social media, work, schooling system, etc), it’s a by-product of a flaw of the human mind.

The human mind is just like a camera – it is a 5 senses camera that takes “pictures” of the world automatically and stores it in the mind. These “pictures” in the mind come in the form of memories, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Therefore, the more information one consumes, the heavier the mind becomes, the more thoughts it has, and therefore the more stress! Stress is a result of having 10’000s of thoughts stored in the mind. And we are a total slave to these thoughts – we do and act in accordance with them, whether we choose to or not.

Get rid of it! Get rid of all those minds! You have become constipated with thoughts. When your body is constipated, it ruins the digestive system, and the toxins and pollutants are released out of the body in whatever way they can that’s not in the bodies optimum functioning. Your mind is no different! If you were to but just look and see you would be horrified with the state of your overflowing mind.

For one who has eliminated that stress, it is like day and night. It is palpable. It is the difference between being intoxicated and not. When there is no build up minds, the cells are performing at optimum state, blood is flowing naturally, and the body is healthier and lighter. For the first time you will see “oh my God, it’s as though I spent my whole life hung over!” You won’t want to hold those minds. By releasing them, not only will you eliminate your stress, but you will also get much, much more than you bargained for. In fact, as horrifying as stress is, it’s a side consequence of the profound benefits of eliminating the false mind.

So, what can you do? Tips for dealing with stress

There’s a variety of things you can do about your stress. We have listed them below in what we have found to be the most effective to the least effective, but please keep in mind this is not medical advice.

1) Eliminate your false mind to release the stress.

Already within you, you have all the happiness, joy, success, and health within you, however, your false mind which you are bound to and enslaved by has thoroughly ruined your body to the point of shortening your life span and creating all forms of sickness and illness. This false mind MUST be eliminated for you to find within you your True Mind, which is the mind of happiness, joy, success, and health. You can do this through a variety of different meditation techniques. The method we practice is the most thorough and in-depth method to systematically eliminate this false human mind. This is the ultimate process of “letting go”. This is the one and only way to deal with the root of the mind in its totality.

2) Talk about your issues to release the stress.

As we talk about our problems, it can often be quite liberating, as the minds we have built up and clustered in our body slowly become released. This process can be helpful to some as it creates a separation between the mind and the self, but for others it can create more stress by talking about the issues too much. This all depends on your mind, and while it can be effective, it does not deal with the roots and will likely reoccur at a later point in life.

3) Condition your mind to the stress.

By continuously exposing yourself to the stress and consciously separating yourself from the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you can over time condition your mind to adapt to the stress. Essentially, this is about having an accepting mind, and one who has an accepting mind does not get stuck on the stress, and thus the energy flow throughout the entire body is much better.

4) Move your body to eliminate the stress.

As you move your body, blood circulates throughout the body and endorphins are released. This also helps to release the build up of cortisol in the body which can become toxic to the body. Again, this is an excellent way for dealing with stress, but does not deal with the roots of the stress.

5) Laughter as medication against stress.

When the mind is laughing, there is no mind of stress, so if you can learn to laugh a lot it makes the blood circulates better, taking away the mind of stress.

6) Take medication to nullify the stress.

This is probably the least effective and most damaging to the body as you are simply masking the root cause of the stress. If stress is overwhelming, it may be something you start with, but ultimately, for the benefit of your own health, it’s best to try to deal with the roots of the mind. We have many cases of people who began on medication and slowly came off them as they learnt to eliminate their false mind within them.

In conclusion

When you eliminate your false, negative mind that you have stored within you, you return to your true, positive mind, which is a mind free of stress and anxiety. When your mind is free of stress and anxiety, blood flows better, and you feed your consciousness naturally with positivity and gratitude.

There is no better way to live - this is the number one best way to live.

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