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The era of Human Completion and the completion of the Universe

Updated: May 19, 2022

What needs to happen for humankind and the universe to become complete?

The human mind is the mind of falseness, which has copied the things of this world. It is the habits that one has received from one's ancestors and the karma, which is the life lived. This body is also a sin because it lives in the false world.

Human mind, Karma, habits and body | Brisbane Meditation

When the karma, habits, and body are discarded, and there is no existence of the self, the Spirit and Soul of the universe remain. When the masters of Truth then create in this land that is Truth, this land is Heaven, the Land of Bliss, Paradise, which is the Land of Truth.

All the material things of this world can only live up to their life spans and then just disappear. However, the creation of Truth, where everything is eternal and does not disappear, is ultimately fulfilled in the mind world of humans.

This is why humans are the masters, and it is the completion of this universe, the completion of humankind, and the completion of all creations in the universe.

Meditation Method | Brisbane Meditation

The new Heaven, new earth, and new world where people become complete are not achieved in the world where people live.

The true world is created from the mind of a person who has repented, or in other words, has been absolved of one's sins.


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