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How to Go and Live in Heaven

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Now, it is the era when anyone and everyone should go to and live in the Land of Truth while living. Now there is a simple, clear method to achieve it.

#1 Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon, #1 Barnes & Noble, and USA Today bestselling and award winning author Woo Myung presents his latest book, How to Go to and Live in Heaven, Paradise, and the Land of Bliss While Living.

How to go and live in heaven | Brisbane Meditation

What anyone and everyone in this world hopes for the most would be the place where they can live an eternal, happy life without death - if there is such a place, this would be the best thing that anyone could hope for.

When your mind becomes Truth and you are born again, you can resolve all your curiosities and achieve all that you wish to achieve.

It is now the time of the world when one can go and live in Heaven, the Land of Bliss, Paradise while living. Along with the advancements of science, now is the time when this world becomes complete and does not die; and it is the era when such a place to achieve this exists. Now is the time when the Land of Truth is being actualized.

How to have a meeting with God Buddha Allah | Brisbane Meditation
Following the author's previous book "How to have a meeting with God, Buddha, Allah", this one again enlightens us of our true nature – something that humankind was unable to know. It provides us with a clear and precise resolution regarding the principle of how to find our True mind and be able to live in the True world.

How to Go to and Live in Heaven, Paradise, and the Land of Bliss While Living |

This book is currently available on Amazon/ kindle edition along with the author's other books* on Truth, Life and Wisdom.

Books of Wisdom | Brisbane Meditation

*These books are available both in E-Books and hardcover. (Publisher : Chambooks )

If you are in Australia, you can simply contact us to order any of the books above.

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