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Are You Willing to do the Work to Change, or Are You Just Lazy and a Victim? How Meditation Can Help


Many people talk about change but are not desperate enough to want to change. They're either too lazy to do the work or would rather the sympathy that comes with being a victim, fortifying that mind and conception of themself. Unfortunately, this is all too common amongst humans, and it can happen to all of us in varying degrees. But even this tendency is a by-product of your mind, and if you have even the slightest willingness, it can and will change through discarding meditation.

how can I change myself? How can I become a better person?
How much do you truly want to change?

Just how much do you want to change?

Many people speak loftily about the desire to change, but their minds change quicker than their deep desire to want to change. The human mind changes day and night, and what causes pain, suffering and stress in one moment, when the moment subsides, can seem like the problem is resolved. But this is not the case.

When you understand how the mind works - as a robot that is programmed with the life you have lived, the habits you have inherited from your ancestors, and your body - it's much easier to know how to change yourself. More importantly, it's also much easier to know that whatever is blocking you from wanting to change, can itself also be changed!

But at the end, to truly change, you must have that desire, and if you don't. Perhaps if you were to understand the fact for example, that stress is destroying your immune system and shortening your life span, you might start to take it more seriously.

The Dalai Lama says something incredibly profound on this:

The Dalai Lama on how man views his own health
The Dalai Lama on how man views his own health

It's OK if you're lazy and you're a victim...

They're also just programmed scripts in your robot mind, playing out in the present moment. Somewhere along the way, your victim mentality was validated with some kind of acknowledgement, and you became addicted to this feeling. Or perhaps the laziness is a by-product of a lack of self-belief.

Whatever it is, it's OK. Did you know that both of these conditions in your mind can be discarded through this meditation? They are a blockage to your deep desire to want to change.

How can i truly change my mind for good? how do i change my programming?
Whatever programs and limiting beliefs you have in your mind can be changed by discarding them

Because at the end of the day, who doesn't want to change and live and eternally happy life, full of joy, meaning and fulfilment? We all do!

All you need is willingness

If you have the slightest willingness to want to change, then we are the experts in helping you! We will help you do the rest if that seed is there.

We help you identify all of your blockages, limiting beliefs, and negative thought patterns and help you to let go of them from your mind.

We will help you uncover your true, authentic self, and find the strength and power within yourself to love and live life to the fullest.

All you need to do is book yourself a free introduction and let us help you. Do you have the willingness?

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