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How to truly change myself for good

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

This meditation is about changing from the false human mind to the True Mind that is within you. That True Mind can be called the Universe, Source, God, Buddha, or Allah – whatever name you want to give it, it is within you, but it has been covered up our false mind which we were born into and built on top of. When you change to the True Mind within you, you break free from your past, old self and become everything you have ever wished for. Everything you desire is achieved from this place.

Find the mind of God | Change your mind, change your life
True change is changing from the human mind to the True Mind

Why can’t I change?

We were born into this world with a body, and inside this body is like a 5 senses camera, constantly recorded everything into our mind. We also have the habits which we inherited from our parents and ancestors. These habits are the minds passed down genetically in our DNA and stored in our subconscious – this is the foundation of your mind. On top of this, we have the life we have lived which we have recorded over the top of it. Depending on the shape of this mind, and the life you have lived, depends on the outcome of your life and your ability to change. When you take responsibility for your mind and separate yourself from being a victim, you're on the road to change.

5 senses camera | What is human mind
Human mind is a 5 senses camera with the life lived, habits and body

How can I change for good? Tips to help you change

It is remarkably simple, but can be extremely difficult (again, depending on the shape of your mind. At this meditation, we have an extremely systematic process to help you truly change.

1) Discard your false mind

First you need to reflect on the life you have lived and discard it all from your mind. Eventually, once you clear this way, you need to clear away the habits, which are the roots of the mind. Unless you clear away the habits, you will keep thinking and behaving in exactly the same way. When you clear away even the body, you become completely liberated, and in this way, you allow space in your mind to produce change.

Clear your mind | Discard your mind | Limiting beliefs are the enemy
Learn to discard your mind which is full of limiting beliefs and doubts that block you from achieving

2) Learn about what you want to do

Then you need to learn it. If you want to play piano, you must go to the place that teaches piano. If you want to learn how to change, you must go to the place that teaches. Whatever you want to learn, you must make an effort to learn it by going to the place that teaches it.

Learn about eternal life from the place which teaches it | Learning is part of the process
You must go the place that teaches something in order to learn it

3) Take the action

This is the hardest part. This is where people ALWAYS fall - they can't build the good habits they need to build. The self-help industry is huge, with people attending workshops and retreats leaving in a state of ecstasy and bliss, but more often than not, falling right back into their old, habitual ways. You need to take action, your form new connections in your mind to build a new reality, but if you are stuck in your old beliefs and old patterns, this is where discarding is the essential ingredient to overcoming this.

Take action to change | Form new habits to change
Taking action is the most important part and the most difficult part of changing

4) Teach it

Discard it, learn it, take action, then teach it! It is the best way to completely cement it in your mind. When you teach it, you become the master and your mind goes to the next level of understanding.

Master your mind master our life | Become a master in anything
When you teach something, you become what you teach

What is true change?

When you follow this process, true change will happen. However, the miracle of miracles, is to change from the false human mind to the True Mind of God that is within you and live eternally. This is the one and only place which teaches you that in its totality. From there, everything is completely resolved.

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David Clouston
David Clouston
Jan 21, 2023

I really love this. Lays out how to change. I like the part -

"Whatever you want to learn, you must make an effort to learn it by going to the place that teaches it." 🖊️


Anne Han
Anne Han
Oct 04, 2022

Yes . It’s time to take action.

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