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What Makes Discarding Meditation One of the Most Effective? How is it Different to Other Meditation?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023


Are you looking for a way out of stress and anxiety, more focus and clarity and presence, more peace and calm, or just a better night's sleep? These are most common reasons why people seek out meditation these days. Most people don't know that there are different types of meditations, and just like anything in life, you need to find something that's suitable for your goals. The beauty of Discarding Meditation is that it will help you achieve all of those goals, and give you so much more...

how can i clear my mind with discarding meditation | How is discarding meditation different to other types of meditation methods?
How is discarding meditation different to other types of meditation methods?

Let's first understand the mind

In order to understand how meditation impacts the mind, let's first understand the human mind. The human mind is composed of three things - the body you are born with, the subconscious mind you inherited from your parents and your ancestors, and the life you have lived. The body is like a 5 senses camera that is taking "pictures" of everything it sees, hears, tastes, smells and touches and this is what the human mind is - that entire "being".

"This is me" - Body

How you see yourself and identify with yourself and your image is connected with your body.

"This is how I am" - Subconscious

The subconscious mind is the foundations for your character and your way of thinking and feeling, and it's all based on how your parents and ancestors were. It's stored in every single one of your cells and was transmitted to you at conception.

"This is my life" - Life I've lived

Then the life you have lived is just everything you have stored in your mind from birth. Where you grew up, your environments, the people around you, the things you did - they all determine who you think you are and how you think.

"But is this really me?" - Your True Self

None of this is your True Self. Your True Self is your authentic self - who you truly are. Right now, we're stuck into thinking it's the accumulation of our past, like a kind of robot. And you're living to that programming, thoroughly trapped inside of it.

what is my true self and how can i find it with discarding meditation
Your True Self is the Universe.... Your are not your thoughts. You are not your past.

If you have too much stress and anxiety, it's because you've lived a stressful and anxious life. If you can't focus and have no clarity or presence, it's because your mind has too many things stored in it. If you don't have any calm or peace, it's because it's based on the way you have lived until now. If you can't sleep, it's because you're always running away from yourself, and your mind is too busy.

None of that is you.

How does discarding meditation compare to other meditations?

We have written extensively about the different types of meditations, but let's focus on the most common ones in comparison to our discarding meditation. There is breathing, mindfulness, and guided meditation apps.

Breathing helps you feel calm. Mindfulness is about trying not to judge your thoughts. Guided meditation apps try to help you feel calm with soothing sounds and voices. These are more like masking or coping meditations. But discarding meditation is about clearing the mind, so you deal the root cause in a holistic way for a long term sustainable change!

The way discarding meditation works is you reflect on everything you have in your mind, and then with the guided meditation method (always guided by a real person), you learn how to let go and empty your mind and discard the countless things bottled up in there. And no, it's not about people saying to you "ohhh just let it go!" as though it's the easiest thing to do - we actually show you how!

The biggest point of difference is that the mind becomes clear. We're not over riding it with something. We're clearing it away. So you naturally become more peaceful, calm and happy.

Solving stress and anxiety with discarding meditation

You have a stressful or anxious mind because that's how you have lived your life. Because your mind is an accumulation of your past, whether you choose it or not, the stress and anxiety permeate your entire being because you have those past experiences stored up in your mind.

Other forms of meditation try to overlay the stress and anxiety with a sensation of calmness, so it's a continuous battle of willpower and practice, however it's no secret that meditation does work for stress. Discarding meditation is about removing the cause of stress and anxiety from your mind so you have a completely different response to it. Better yet, as a consequence of discarding, your mind is naturally calm.

All you need to do is reflect on the stress and anxiety, and let it all go from your mind. This is where you need the guidance and we can teach you exactly how to do that and the benefits it can have in your life.

Discarding meditation will help you clear away the root cause of stress and anxiety  | how discarding meditation helps with getting rid of stress and anxiety
Discarding meditation will help you clear away the root cause of stress and anxiety

Solving your lack of focus, clarity and presence with discarding meditation

This one is easy. If you can't focus, have no clarity or presence, it's because your frontal lobe is running rampant. You have so many things on your mind that it's just continuously bubbling to the surface, invading your presence. All of those past experiences just keep looping over and over, not to mention the bad habits you've likely developed to distract yourself from your own discomforts.

Trying to add a sense of calmness into your mind isn't at all dealing with everything that's bubbling up in your mind. It's again just trying to overlap a more positive sensation in your mind so you can focus, and with a lot of practice can work, but it's something you're going to have to continuously manage.

When you reflect on the build-up in your mind, and you discard it from your mind, then the source of the thoughts is cleared away. So it can't just bubble up and invade your consciousness uninvited! This isn't a quick fix. It's a long term, sustainable change and we have to personally teach you how you can do this so you can use the method throughout your life. We have some tips here for you in the mean time.

how discarding meditation helps with improved focus and clarity
It's impossible not to be able to focus when you have a clear mind!

Solving your lack of peace and calm with discarding meditation

Your natural state is to be calm and peaceful. It's only that this human mind has built up so much, with 10,000's of thoughts from the life you have lived. You're trapped in a state of perpetual greed, constantly accumulating things into your mind - the good, the bad, the joyous, the traumatic.

You try to bury and ignore the negative experiences of your life, but they aren't gone, and you haven't dealt with them - they're simply buried. You have gaping wounds in your mind that are thoroughly infected, and it's never stopped bleeding but you just keep trying to put bandages over it when you actually need to remove the infection.

When you discard that illusionary picture world in your mind, you will naturally have peace and calm without the need for overlapping it with a sensation of calm. Again, we are the experts and we can teach you how to do this.

how discarding meditation helps with peace and calm for my mind
If you want more calm and peace, then clear your mind of the source of where that lack of calm and peace comes from

Solving your sleep issues with discarding meditation

Are you someone who's spent your whole life always doing something to keep yourself busy? Some people do this as a way of avoiding any alone time with themselves. Others just to keep finding new ways of enjoying life.

In either case, the problem here is, so many things build up in the mind and so sleep becomes a problem when the thoughts are just continuously bubbling over in the mind. It becomes even worse when people's bodies start to break down.

This is often where people turn to guided meditation apps to help them with sleep, or worse yet, sleeping pills and substitutes like alcohol. This may, again, simply elicit a sensation of calm which might induce a sleep state, but the endless stream of thoughts will still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after...

When you reflect and discard the thoughts from your mind, they disappear! So, when it is time to sleep, you just sleep. not to mention the calm and peace you have in your mind throughout your day-to-day life.

how discarding meditation helps with deep sleep
When you finally have to stop and face yourself, your mind is full of so many thoughts, feelings and emotions from the past.... So let's clear them :)


Meditation is a very powerful technique that can and will help you achieve your goals if you put in the time and effort. But you also need to be practicing the appropriate method for your goals. If you are after a quick fix or a band aid solution, there many types of meditation that will mask over the problem, but if you want to deal with the root cause in a holistic way that will provide you with a long term and sustainable change, enhancing your life in literally every single way, then discarding meditation is for you!

If you'd like to know more, please reach out to us and book yourself a free introduction and we can go over any issues you specifically face and help you in learning how to do this incredible method.

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