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This is what everyone is doing...Who wouldn't do this, right?

People believe that they are born into and are living in this world, but they are incomplete because they live inside their own mind worlds, which are copies of the world.

The human mind, which is false, is the karma, habit, and body.

In order for people to become true, they have to discard the karma, habits and body, make this universe that is Truth become their minds, and be reborn by the masters of Truth.

Now is the era of the completion of the universe, human completion, and the completion of the world and all creations. The universe within the human mind that is Truth, and the universe in the true world are one.

Nowadays there are many people who are diligently meditating to cleanse their human mind to become the universe mind.

Finding your true self, learning the true meaning and purpose of your existence, becoming free from stress, anxiety and negative thoughts...

Who wouldn't do this, right?