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How to Master your Mind: Your emotions, anger and loneliness

How to control and master your emotions

unhappiness | how to master your emotions by Brisbane Meditation

Human emotions come from the minds one has.

Emotions exist in the mind, habits and body that one came to have while living. Once you discard these and reach the true mind, which is the mind of Truth, there are no such thing as emotions.

There is only the mind that accepts everything.

This is falseness becoming Truth.

How not to be angry

Anger is an emotions that arises when people encounter something that does not suit their tastes. Anger differs from person to person, but it arises when one faces one's weaknesses or a situation that one does not like.

When one eliminates one's life lived, which is the source of anger, and also discards the habits, anger does not exist.

A person has anger because one has that mind.

how to master your emotions by Brisbane Meditation

How to deal with loneliness

meditating in the park | Brisbane Meditation

Loneliness is an emotion people feel when they do not receive acknowledgment from others and when they are alone.

They feel lonely when they cannot control their own minds and when their minds feel empty. They also feel lonely when none of the relationships they have are fulfilling.

All of this comes from the unsatisfied desires in one's mind, and these disappear when one discards the falseness, which is one's mind. Loneliness disappears when one discards the entire life lived, the illusionary habits, and the body.

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Erin Lane
Erin Lane

very interesting read, thank you.



This is great, thank you!

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