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How to Have Complete Peace in the Mind - How Discarding Meditation Gives You More Power Than Therapy


Yesterday I was talking to one of our new members and she made a comment about how this method is amazing in that it deals with and clears away the roots of the mind.

She was reflecting on how in therapy, it feels good to talk about and release the problems, but it really just supresses the root cause of the issue until it resurfaces at another time in life when you're forced to deal with it all over again and not have the power to be able to do it on our own.

I thought this was a perfect analogy.

Releasing from your mind gives lasting peace in the mind
Releasing from your mind gives lasting peace in the mind

The power of therapy - does it give lasting peace in the mind?

The power of therapy is in the acknowledgement of the problem and its release.

As you talk about it to another person, you gain a perspective that isn't trapped within yourself - within your mind.

This shift of perspective and emotional release can be very powerful, and for some it can provide them a sense of peace. But for others, it may only be temporary due to the depth of emotions and feelings that are imbedded in your mind.

Exposure therapy is another technique, in which the therapist creates a safe environment to expose the problem and to help you overcome it in a safe space.

This is wonderful, but is there a more thorough and powerful way that you yourself can deal with it and find your lasting peace?

The power of discarding meditation - how it gives you lasting peace in the mind!

Discarding meditation is all about recognizing that what you have in your mind is just an illusion - a mind of lies.

That can be painful for some to hear, but it is, in actuality the truth.

Think for a moment about a $50 note - the delicious pineapple. Now another. Now another. Great, now you've got $150 right?

Unfortunately not. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could manifest money in this way, but this is clearly just an illusion.

If you went to Coles and told them you had $150 in your mind to pay for your groceries they'd look at you like you're crazy.

There's no peace in the mind because it's full of memories from the past
There's no peace in the mind because it's full of memories from the past

So what about the conversations you have in your mind with yourself? The limiting beliefs you tell yourself? The negative self talk and doubts? The images, thoughts, feelings and emotions are all just an incomplete reflection of what's happened in your life - they're not actually real!

This is not to invalidate your experiences - whatever pain that has happened to you is bad enough already, why do you carry around the ghost of it in our mind?

Because you didn't truly know it was not real. It was a lie.

Now you know.

Once you truly understand this fact - that you are born with a body that operates like a 5 senses camera, and the foundation of your mind is the minds and traits you've inherited from your parents and ancestors - then you as that camera with a pre-existing "software" take "pictures" of everything in the world.

This is the power of discarding meditation.


When you understand this fact about your mind - that it is a mind of lies that is a reflection of the past. then it's easy to let go of it.

Discarding meditation is the ultimate form of exposure therapy as you reflect on what you have and through the power within you, you yourself are able to take back control of your own mind and become the master of your mind and find your own peace.

We will lovingly take care of you and provide you with the environment for you take control of your own mind and heal. Then everything is within your power.

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