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My Body and Mind Never Stops Racing! How Can I Finally Have Some Peace and Calm in My Mind?

Do you find your mind constantly racing, and you're unable to focus on the present moment, overwhelmed by the continuous stream of thoughts and worries in your mind? Do you find it hard to slow down and find some peace and calm in your life? You aren't alone. At Brisbane Meditation, this is something we often hear and fortunately, along with this incredible meditation method, we have devised a strategy you can try to bring some calmness to your life.

Make time to do some discarding meditation

This is by far the most effective way to find some permanent peace and calm in your mind. Quite often, your mind is in a constant state of trying to be anywhere else but here. For whatever reason, you're avoiding the present moment. Perhaps this is a consequence of a habitually busy life, or you're trapped in a state of trying to run away from the problems in your mind you can't bear to face.

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Discarding meditation is the best thing for creating a calm and peaceful mind

The method of discarding meditation is very different to the more commonly known practice of mindfulness and other types of meditation. Mindfulness meditation is about trying to allow thoughts, observe them without judgement and let them pass on by. In this way they will settle back into your consciousness only to re-emerge (often uninvited!) at a later time. With discarding meditation, we systematically recall everything we have in our mind and through the process, discard and let go of them from our mind so they disappear forever - no more uninvited thoughts!

The thoughts build up over time in our mind simply just by living. They get stored in our mind and just continue to pile up in there until they're bursting out without rest. Letting go of the the thoughts is the most effective way to deal with the root cause and resolve it for good. Naturally, your mind will become calm and peaceful as it becomes more clean and clear.

Regularly exercise

We all know the benefits of exercise, and people tend to use this as a release. There's no doubt that exercising, with the release of endorphins, washing your mind clean and pushes those endless thoughts down into your consciousness. But what happens when your body starts to break down or you have issues that prevent you from being able to move properly? This is when the mind starts to race.

If you have the capacity to move without restriction, then just like breathing, it is a wonderful tool to bring peace and calmness to your mind. It will boost your mood and reduce your stress levels, and of course there are the long term health benefits.

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Regular exercise will release endorphins, helping to relax the body and mind