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Why do I need a clean mind and how do I clean it?

A method, time, and effort. Boom, that's all you need! This week we're getting straight into it.

Over the last few weeks, we have covered the topics of change and building good habits. The key component in that change is to have a clean mind. But why do we need to have a clean mind and how do we actually have a clean mind?

Why do I need to have a clean mind?

Let's start with an analogy. Simply put, can you grow a beautiful, flourishing vegetable garden on a mountain of waste filled with metals, plastics, and foreign substances?

My mind is full of garbage | How do I get rid of the garbage in my mind
Can you grow vegetables on a mountain of garbage?

Of course not! It's obvious! What would you need to do first? You could do 1 of 2 things.

1) You would need to either get mountains and mountains of good soil, and pile it sky high, compact it, ensure that it fills all of the cracks, wait years for it to settle, hope it never rains so the settlement is never agitated, and just pray that the soil doesn't get intoxicated with the pollutants.


2) You would simply remove the garbage, and then place the dirt on a clean foundation. And yes, it begs the issue of where to put the garbage, but let's not get caught on this and see the point for what it is).

Now what about your mind? If you are trying to build a positive mind over a chaotic, and self perpetuating negative mind, how well do you think that's going to go? Positive thoughts will be consumed by the "weight" of the thought mass that is your negativity.

From negativity to positivity | How to have a positive mindset
It's impossible to try adding positivity into a mind overflowing with negativity
I can't do it!
I'm not good good enough :(
I'm useless
I'll never achieve anything
I'll just end up failing anyway

Who can relate with even any one of these types of limiting beliefs? On top of that, you have the feelings associated with them and the uphill battle of fighting against your subconscious mind. This is why affirmations in and of themselves are so difficult - because you don't actually believe the positivity you're trying to instil, so it literally gets cut off from seeping into your consciousness.

If you want to build good habits, if you want to have a positive and grateful mind, if you want to completely change, then you need a method to clean your mind.

How do I clean my mind?

The method is simple when you know what the human mind is! The human mind is made up of the life you have lived, which is built on top of the habits (DNA / genes / subconscious mind) you inherited from your parents and ancestors, and your body. So to clean your mind you need to clean these 3 parts of your mind.

1) Clean your life lived

Continuously reflect on the life you have lived and then discard it from your mind. Because your mind is an illusion, it's as easy as throwing paper into fire.

The mind is an illusion | Throwing away the mind
Cleaning your mind is like throwing paper into a billion degree fire - it just disappears because the mind is an illusion

2) Clean your habits

Once you have cleaned your life lived, you can then see the illusionary images in your mind, which are the habits, then you need to thoroughly eliminate the habits. These shorten your life span and dictate your every action and thought - you are totally enslaved to them. It's critical you do this as soon as possible!

3) Clean your body

Continuously discard images of the body and all the feelings and emotions stored within.

We are the experts in helping you clean your mind!

I'm sorry to say, that even if we give you the method (as above), you still need the guidance. And that's where we come in. We are the experts in helping you clean your mind. We have the revolutionary method that is like the latest model washing machine of mind cleansing. We have come to scrub your dirt away like a washing machine will wash your clothes! We have the 7 step method.

How do I clean my mind? | How do have a clean mind? | What does it mean to clean your mind?
The method to clean your mind is the 7 step method!

You can try it for free with our free and live online guided meditation, but this is only a sample so you can see what it means. Or if you're really determined, you can just skip that and find out how to start right away!

We hope to hear from you :)

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Anne Han
Anne Han
Oct 26, 2022

Thanks for clarifying human mind very clearly.

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