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Q: What difference has this meditation made in your life?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Before doing this meditation, my life was full of darkness, pain and suffering from which I was unable to escape.

Stress and anxiety | Brisbane Meditation

Because I was evil and sinful, I would first make those around me like me and then treat them badly. But I was under the delusion that I was living my life as best as I could. I thought that I lived for others, but in fact I lived only for myself.

After this meditation, I no longer suffer from mental and physical pain as I did before. Now that I have the Universe, I do not feel that I lack anything and I no longer worry. I feel that I can finally truly help others and now I only think about how I can save people.

I no longer see things through my delusions, instead I see them just as they are.

I used to be attached to the forms, shapes and colours of things but I no longer see the Universe with my false mind.

A flower | Brisbane Meditation

The world is clearer, brighter and filled with peace and happiness. When people talk to me about their woes and worries, what they say passes through me and it does not give me pain or suffering. At the same time, I can understand their suffering because I have also gone through what they are experiencing: the life inside a tomb. It makes me want to help them even more, so that they can become Truth and live in heaven.

I have gained everything because I discarded everything. I am really grateful.

Now, I have a meaning and purpose for living. I want to work to save others selflessly. The continuous thoughts that ran through my head have stopped and my mind that has been emptied is able to see the Universe. I can see nature's flow and I am growing wiser.

I no longer only think of myself. This is because if there is no "me", then there is no "me" to feel suffering either.

Now I live in heaven, here, with the true mind.

Thank you!

Joseph G.

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1 Comment

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
Aug 18, 2022

It is amazing that you found how to live for others - it is the only way to be truly happy. Well done Joseph! 😊

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