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Starting off the year on a positive note - achieving your 2023 goals

Most people have new years resolutions and use the opportunity to set themselves some goals for the year, to try to change for the better. This is a great way to reset your mindset and start off with some positive momentum.

We often want to build some good, positive, new habits, normally as a response to the holiday excesses! In this article, we will outline a process you can use to help you achieve your goals.

New years resolution | Brisbane meditation is the best place to achieve goals
Start 2023 with a bang!

What are some of your resolutions?

Have you written them down? Have you planned them out? Have you seen it being achieved in your mind?

In order to truly succeed at this, science suggests that we need to be able to see the value in achieving the goal, and have the belief that we can actually achieve it. This is called "expectancy theory" and there are 4 steps to it:

  1. Clearly define your goals so your mind can see what you need to do - clarity here is the key

  2. Focus on where you are heading and think about what it will mean to achieve your goals - building the clarity

  3. Start to build self belief by taking small and regular steps - build the habit

  4. Make sure you prepare for setbacks - your mind will play tricks on you!

How to create a clear goal | how to have clarity on my goals
You can write down your goals and create a clear plan with clarity using a journal

The best way to achieve this?

The above is a process you can use to help you. But what do you think would be the best way to actually follow and that process? Can you guess what we think? Do I really need to say it?

Your mind, of course!

In Woo Myung's book, "How to Have a Meeting with God, Buddha, Allah" he writes about the way to achieve your goals.

People fail to achieve their goals because they have countless thoughts. Once people eliminate their minds, which give rise to those thoughts, these minds will disappear. Only when you have no mind at all, can you dedicate yourself to achieving your goal. Then, you can achieve your goal.

You can see listen to the full passage here:

Do you need help with your mind?

In order to achieve your 2023 goals, your greatest ally and your worst enemy is going to be.... You! Whatever you have in your mind will determine how likely your are in achieving your goals.

A clean mind is the best mind to achieve your goals, and meditation is the best way to achieve a clean mind!

How clear my mind | How to have clarity in my mind
Clear your mind to achieve your goals - get rid of the negativity!

Will you let excuses and negativity defeat you? Or will you conquer your mind and push forward with positivity, no matter the obstacles?

You can learn more about the mind and how meditation can transform and change your mind completely by joining our free, weekly online guided meditations with Oceania Meditation.

We'd love to help you make 2023 your year so you can have a successful life :)

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