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What is Enlightenment and How Can We Become Enlightened? The Meditation Method to Become Enlightened

Enlightenment is something humans have searched for throughout history. In this meditation method, we show you what enlightenment is and how we can become enlightened. We show you a clear and direct method to achieve it.

What is enlightenment and how can we become enlightened?

The following is an excerpt from the Book of Wisdom by Woo Myung, the founder of this meditation method:

Enlightenment is when one comes to know truth. It is not simply knowing truth in theory, but truly accepting it in one's heart. Enlightenment in one's heart is the discovery of one's real self, the discovery of the place of one's mind. This is the only truth that exists in the world, and it is everlasting and never changing. Previously, it was extremely difficult to become enlightened because a master or teacher who truly attained and knew this state did not exist. Now, it is possible for anyone to become enlightened of their original nature within one week. It has become a world where anyone can become enlightened without having to leave everything and meditate in isolation in the mountains.

Humans Have Always Sought Enlightenment

Enlightenment is about finding our original self - what we also refer to as our true self, or real self.

Humans have been trying to achieve this all throughout history and there have been a variety of prophets and saints which have paved the way. However, many were unable to provide a clear and direct method to achieve enlightenment.

Many people have spoken about enlightenment, with the most famous contemporary person being Eckhart Tolle, author of the Power of Now. Again, having read all his books, there was no clear or direct way to achieve enlightenment - he was only able to speak about it.

Now, for the first time in human history, we have a very clear method to achieve enlightenment.

How do we achieve enlightenment?

This universe itself is who I really am - the True Self. Whether you call it universe, or whether you call it God or Buddha or Allah, it all refers to that same existence.

So if you look out into the sky, that infinite Universe is the one existence, and this is who we are. However, we're not living as this universe because we live inside of our own mind worlds, which overlaps that existence.

And so why aren't we living as the universe? It's because the human body works just like a camera. Just like a camera takes pictures and stores it in the film, this body is like a five senses camera. So with our eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and his body itself, we take pictures of everything that we experience and store it in the brain.

Because of this mind world, we mistakenly think this individual self exists separately from the rest of the universe - this is the opposite of what enlightenment is.

That mind is made up of the life I have lived until now, the habits I inherited from my parents and ancestors, and the body.

Therefore, in order to achieve enlightenment, we need to get rid of that mind world and the false self living inside of it until only the universe remains, the True Self - this is what enlightenment is.

We guide you with a clear and direct method to get there. By following the meditation method, which is systematically designed as a course to help you reflect on what's in your mind and discard it all. Along the way you will be enlightened of many things.

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