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How to be grateful for everything

Weren’t we all taught to say “thank you” by our elders? But did we ever mean it? Most spiritual and religious teachings instruct us to be grateful for everything and everyone, every day. Even today, there are many self-help gurus who also testify to the power of gratitude. But do you truthfully and sincerely know how to be grateful, or are you only grateful when you get something that benefits yourself?

The power of gratitude

It is one of the most powerful and beneficial emotions a human can have. You spend most of your time thinking, and your body is composed of a high % of water. The water experiment conducted by Masaru Emoto provides evidence as to the power of gratitude on water.

There are those who attempt to debunk it, but really have a think about your own daily interactions with other humans - think about what gratitude can do to a relationship versus what being negative can do? There are studies that the most successful people are the ones with a positive mind and a virtuous character, so even if you think it’s “pseudoscience” there’s benefits all the same.

Beyond that, gratitude leads you to a direct union with the God, Buddha, Allah, the Source, Emptiness, Soul, and Spirit – whatever name you want to label it. Gratitude connects you to IT. It will truly change your life for better and you will begin to attract into your life all your truthful desires. Here, we will outline the steps you can take to live a more grateful life.

Tips to be more grateful

1) Eliminate your negative mind

You can’t grow vegetable in infertile soil. A fish won’t survive on land. In other words, you have to provide the right conditions in your mind to allow gratitude to settle and flourish. A deeply negative and judgmental mind is too narrow of a mind to allow for gratitude. Get rid of your negativity first.

2) Morning gratitude habit

Wake up to an alarm, or some wall art reminding you of gratitude. Build this good daily habit and be grateful for waking up and having another day of life and start by saying “thank you”. If you live in Australia, be grateful that you are!

3) Daily gratitude reminders

Create some reminders throughout your environment to help you focus on gratitude. Make a conscious effort to be grateful to everyone and everything no matter what. Keep saying “thank you” and say it from the heart.

Thank you to the universe, to the people, to every condition
Be grateful every day | Be grateful to everyone
Make a conscious effort to always be thankful for everyone and everything

4) A gratitude journal

Throughout the day, write all the things you are grateful for. Make it a habit, especially before bed. Write at least 3 things you were grateful for – even the simplest things, like a meal you enjoyed.

Daily gratitude journal | Practice gratitude
A gratitude journal is a powerful tool to help change your mind towards gratitude

Once you have put this into practice for 2 months, your life will start to change. We would love to hear how it has changed your life!

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Bright Wisdom
Bright Wisdom
Jun 07, 2023

A gratitude journal, what a great idea! Thank you

Jun 07, 2023
Replying to

You truly must have bright wisdom!


Anne Han
Anne Han
Oct 13, 2022

Thanks for reminding me to write at least 3 things I’m grateful. Thank you.

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