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Meditation Music - Myth Busted? Why You Can Never Have Long Term Sustainable Change With Music Alone


Just imagine, you can put on some meditation music and all your problems are gently washed away... But then you get that call from a client, and all that stress of a deadline comes flooding back and you feel like nothing's changed!

How could this be?

There's no question, that music can illicit certain sensations in your body and mind to distract you and make you feel good, but the question is whether that's enough for you, or whether you want long term, sustainable change?

Let's lay down the facts and bust the myths of meditation music bringing sustainable change!

Can we get long term sustainable change with meditation music?
Can we get long term sustainable change with meditation music?

The Benefits of Meditation Music

It actually has some wonderful benefits whilst you're listening to the music itself. It serves as a distraction from the thoughts and feelings in your mind and diverts your attention away from them - if you're capable of being present with the music.

It can and will help you with regulating your emotions, reducing your stress and anxiety, diverting your attention from pain, and even helping you with sleep.

But is it just like a band aid that you need to keep forever putting on?

It's the music itself that's giving you that sensation, so there's no actual change in your mind.

Therefore, when there is no music, the sensation it creates is not there, so you're still trapped inside of your mind with that stress, pain, burden and suffering.

There are benefits to meditation music
There are benefits to meditation music

How do I Have Long Term Sustainable Change in My Mind?

It's all good and well feeling great during meditation, but do you want to know how to feel liberated from your mind even before and after meditation?

The way to do this is to discard the entirety of that stress, pain, burden and suffering from your mind. When you systematically break it down during your meditation time, then even after meditation, your whole mind is changed.

It becomes naturally bright, positive, free and liberated.

It changes for the long term, and it is aa sustainable continuous change.

Therefore, when it's time to work, you just work - without being burdened by stress or anxiety.

When it's time for sleep, you just sleep, without having to listen to music for an hour.

You mind returns to it's natural state, unclouded and unburdened with the 10,000's of thoughts, feelings and emotions which pollute your consciousness, robbing you of your true self and keeping you trapped within your mind.

Long term sustainable change in your minds happens when you clear the roots
Long term sustainable change in your minds happens when you clear the roots

Meditation Music Sustainable Change Myth?

There's nothing wrong with meditation music, you can use it as a tool, and it has a wonderful purpose, but just know that it's limited to being a management only tool.

If you want to change for good, you can discard the root cause of why you need that music in the first place, and then you don't even need the music, nor do you even need to meditate.

This is the ultimate objective of this meditation - to not have to meditate once you become your True Self that has been covered by the layers of conditioning from the life you have lived.

Do you want to manage, or do you want to change forever?
Do you want to manage, or do you want to change forever?

Conclusion - Myth is Busted!

Meditation music has it's benefits, there's no doubt about it, and we encourage anyone to try many different things to help them.

But the real change happens when you change your mind from the inside out, and that's where it gets to a point where you don't need to meditate, because you are changed. The benefits of meditation carry over into your every day life and it becomes a long term sustainable change, rather than something you need to constantly manage.

We hope this helps. Any questions, please ask and comment below!

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