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Distracting Versus Discarding - Learning to Listen To Your Body and Mind (Before it Explodes!)

Updated: Apr 20, 2023


When you are stressed, anxious, or in any kind of discomfort, what are some of your first responses? If you're like most people, you're looking at it right now (your phone). If your default response to pain is to distract yourself by avoiding the pain, then this article is for you. I will cover why you need to develop a healthier relationship with your body and mind before it leads to more problems.

Is distraction from pain a good solution?

Society is set up with endless distractions - it's what most people refer to as "entertainment".

Now, don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with entertainment in and of itself. But if you are using it as a way to take yourself away from your pain, then it's a very unhealthy habit.

It's become so habitual, that even the minds of our kids are awash with these distraction and their ability to focus and concentrate is being destroyed, and it's robbing them of true happiness and peace.

What kind of character development does this represent where at the first sign of any kind of discomfort or pain, you run away from yourself? What does this mean for you, and more importantly, for your children?

If distraction worked, why is Australia in trouble when it comes to mental disorders?

Australia is one of the most affluent and prosperous countries in the world. We have access to every kind of pleasure and form of entertainment.

And yet, when you look into Australia, evidence suggests that the issues of mental health are on the rise.

What is the solution for rising mental disorders in australia?
1 in 5 people had a mental disorder, and it is on the rise - source ABS twitter

According to google analytics, per capita "meditation" is the most searched term in the world in Australia - of all places!

Aren't we the envy of the world? Why do we need meditation if we've got access to every kind of distraction on the planet right here?

This is possibly a symptom of the fact we're so used to distracting ourselves, and saying "she'll be right" that it is leading to this epidemic in mental health.

But if you had a bleeding wound, would you run off to the next distraction, or would you get stitches and do the work needed to heal it? Of course, you'd heal it!

Why don't we treat our minds with the same level of care?

Distracting versus discarding

When you understand your mind as being like a kind of robot, with the programming from everything you've experienced in life, layered on top of the characteristics and habits you've inherited from your ancestors, as well as your body - then it's easy to know that the programming is the problem.

If distraction isn't working, what about discarding - specifically, discarding meditation?

It's a method of self refection and learning how to let go, and in this way it becomes a healing process for everything you've taken into your mind.

Therefore, pain, suffering and burdens are not suppressed, the energy is actually released. We then grow from the experience, we are not stunted and held back by it.

As you do this, not only do you become free from these conditions, it is true liberation and freedom, allowing you to live as your true self, unrestricted and unconfined by anything!

You will naturally develop a clear mind with more peace, happiness and joy.

heal your mind by discarding the pain from within
You can heal your mind when you let go and discard the stored energy

Learning to listen to your body and mind

When you have a clear mind, you can hear the "voice" within you showing you where the issues in your body and mind are - where the energy has become trapped.

When there are negative sensations in your body, it's a sign that you have some healing to do.

At that point, you have 2 options - you can either run away and avoid it with some kind of distraction, thereby suppressing it and avoiding it, or you can listen to that "voice" and love yourself enough to do the work to heal.

When your body and mind start to break down, will you be able to distract yourself with the next holiday? Wouldn't life be so much better if every day felt like a holiday?

It's absolutely possible!

listen to the voice of your body to find your pain
Learn to listen to the voice of your body to be free from the trapped energy


Please don't wait until it's too late. You owe it to yourself to get in tune with your body and mind - it's the truest form of self love. Have a think about it - have you seen these habits in your own life and have you ever resolved them by distracting yourself from them? Let us know in the comments below.

And at the very least, give yourself the time to learn what this method can do for you.

4 commentaires

20 avr. 2023

Thank you Steven your words really encourage me to change.


Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
18 avr. 2023

Distractions wouldn’t even help me to sleep so had no choice but to meditate 😁🧘‍♂️

En réponse à

Probably made it worse!


18 avr. 2023

I used to turn to drugs and alcohol to distract myself.... Very unhealthy. Thankful for this method :)

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