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Which is the Most Effective Meditation Technique for High Stress Professionals? (A Must Read!)


Having a high stress job can be difficult enough to manage as it is, but if you're also struggling to maintain a work-life balance whilst juggling the responsibilities of a growing family, it can be even worse.

By now, you've probably heard of the benefits of meditation for stress, but you don't know where to start and what stress relief technique is going to be good for you.

But we've got you covered - we will discuss the benefits and different techniques.

Which is the most effective meditation technique for high stress professionals? We will help you answer that in this article
Which is the most effective meditation technique for high stress professionals? We will help you answer that in this article

Chronic stress in high pressure jobs

It is a silent killer and it is on the rise.

When the fight or flight response is triggered in your body and mind, it produces cortisol, which in high doses, is literally poisoning you and shortening your lifespan.

Fight or flight is necessary response under the right conditions, but when we're stuck in a traffic jam, or are struggling to finish a report - is it worth killing yourself for?

Some of the issues created by chronic stress are high blood pressure, creating issues in your arteries, brain changes contributing to conditions like anxiety and depression, sometimes even addiction, as well as issues with eating and sleep.

Stress builds up in certain parts of the body, creating chronic health issues
Stress builds up in certain parts of the body, creating chronic health issues

Science backed benefits of meditation

You can check out our on the science behind stress and meditation.

It's a good idea to know what you're going to get out of it first, to keep you motivated and give you a strong "why". Reducing your stress, as well as improving your focus and overall well-being are just some of the benefits.

Of the more profound benefits meditation can bring, longevity is currently the most topical. If you've start a family later in life, then this is absolutely priceless, but either way - who doesn't want to get more out of this one life?

If you really want to super charge your wellbeing, it's recommended that you have a vegetable based diet, regularly exercise, practice yoga, and meditate! It's all about a holistic approach.

There are many  science backed benefits of meditation
There are many science backed benefits of meditation

Meditation technique for high stress professionals

Just like exercise, meditation has many different techniques.

From breathing, mindfulness, sound, transcendental - just to name a few. We have an in depth analysis of the different techniques in our article here.

But to summarize it for you, meditation techniques for high stress professionals is about your mind / body, and there's 2 major categories.

1) Filling something into your mind to elicit a response

2) Clearing the root cause from your mind to create lasting change

Adding will give you a sensation whilst meditating - for example with breathing or with sound, but it can be very limited when you're not actually meditating.

Clearing from your mind, on the other hand, gives a permanent change as it rewires your brain and gives the benefits of a stress free mind, even during stressful situation.

With clearing, it might take longer to "feel" the benefits, but because it's long lasting and sustainable, it actually ends up being faster.

Getting started and the challenges you'll face

This is the hardest part, especially if you have a busy schedule. So the most priceless thing is going to be high flexibility, and this is exactly what we offer.

We are open 7 days a week., from 9am - 10pm Monday to Saturday and from 9am - 4pm on Sunday. We offer in person and online guided meditation with a live meditation instructor, so you're always getting support and at the convenience of your own schedule.

The benefit of this is, we're like a personal trainer for your mind - we will help you maintain consistency and help you develop your schedule around meditation.

And with the simplicity of being guided by a person with just your phone, you can fit it into even your lunch breaks!

If you want some more detailed information about the different places you can meditate at throughout Brisbane, you can check out our article here.

Meditation needs to fit around your own schedule and be flexible to your needs
Meditation needs to fit around your own schedule and be flexible to your needs

Personal success stories

As an architect myself who used to run my own business, this was an absolutely invaluable tool, especially given I started a business straight out of university.

Many people said I was crazy, but my capacity to handle the stress was benefited by my meditation practice. There were things I didn't know about running a business, but never the less, without meditation even that would have been enough to have made me quit.

You can also hear about Liz's story as a lawyer and a single mother of 2 children. She's found this to be an amazing meditation technique for her high stress professional and personal life. She talks about how meditation is just part of her routine, a "mind shower" she can't live without!


It's always hard to manage your life, let alone as a high stress professional with a young family. But it comes down to priorities, and so I want to ask - do you want to live with chronic stress, knowing how it effects you and shortens your lifespan?

Practicing the right meditation technique is the most important thing to know, and you also need a technique that's going to fit around your schedule and offer you long term changes - and this is where we come in

What's some of the issues you face with starting meditation - and more importantly - why aren't you starting RIGHT NOW knowing everything you now know?


Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Sep 09, 2023

Great post Steven, such valuable insight!!

Sep 20, 2023
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Thank you Gaby, appreciate the comment :)

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