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"While I have been doing this meditation my mood has lifted significantly..."

Emma was our very first student who registered at Brisbane Meditation. She was also the first one to move passed the first level of the mind. We are just so happy to have her and see how it's really helping her. Hear her testimonial below about how, by simply following the method, she has been able to gradually let go of her grief and has started to find joy in life and return to doing the things she loves.

Overcoming grief | How to overcome grief | How to overcome and let go of the past
How absolutely beautiful is Emma's smile?

I have been attending meditation at Brisbane Meditation Centre for one hour most days for about two months. I joined the centre out of curiosity and a desire for fellowship – I had been meditating alone for some time. The people have been friendly, warm and encouraging. The method is very different to meditation techniques I have tried in the past. I found some aspects easy to understand, such as the concept that we live in a picture world created by our senses and memories. Whereas I found other things, such as the visualisation component, very strange and could only understand them by considering them as symbolic. And it wasn’t until I threw away my perception of the Universe that I finally understood level 1, which is where I’m up to. During the two months I have been doing the method I have noticed certain changes in my life. Six months ago, I lost my partner after a long illness, and I was very much in the throws of grief when I started. While I have been doing this meditation my mood has lifted significantly, while I still miss my partner terribly, I can now at times feel joy. And I have also started to do more activities again.
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Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
Aug 19, 2022

Beautiful story by first Brisbane Meditation student ❤️

Replying to

Yeah I love it too 😍

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