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Why David Goggins Meditates Every Night and Why You Should Too (meditation is for EVERYONE!)


David Goggins is renowned for his mental strength and discipline.

Did you know he meditates every night for 2 hours?

This meditation is not about sitting cross legged, or chanting, or wearing certain types of clothes. By all means, you can do those things, but this meditation is for everyone.

Why is meditation for everyone? What benefits can you get from meditating

You're not necessarily broken, but you want solutions, right? If you exercise regularly and take good care of your body with the right diet, then why aren't you doing the same for your mind?

David Goggins meditates for:

  • Clear mind - to maintain presence with a calm and peaceful mindset

  • Clarity - for fast and correct decision making

  • Focus and concentration - for maximum productivity

  • Discipline - to build good habits

  • Mental health - if you do it for your body, why not your mind?

But he probably doesn't know that the science backs up why meditation is also good for:

  • Emotional stability - these days EQ is more valuable than IQ

  • Living longer - stress kills your cells, shortening your life span

  • Improved health - better blood flow, so less heart issues (number 1 global killer!)

  • Improved immunity - increased antibodies

  • Better sleep - you just have too many thoughts!

Do i need to sit cross legged if I meditate?
You can sit however the bloody hell you want - the most important part is you actually do it!

You don't have to go to war with your mind

Obviously David Goggins is a bit extreme, that's his character. But with the right method, it's extremely simple and accessible.

How this modern meditation method is designed to benefit you:

  • Systematic, goal orientated meditation method - just follow the process to achieve the results!

  • Fully guided meditation method - it's not pre recorded, so you get a continuous feedback loop we guide you live and in person

  • Meditate from the comfort of your own home - or anywhere from your phone

  • Incredible flexibility - open 7 days a week from 9am - 10pm Monday - Saturday, and 9am - 4pm on Sundays

You only have yourself to blame

If you have the willingness, we will take extremely good care of you.

Meditation will truly improve every aspect of your life.

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Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
17. Mai 2023

I love the picture and the caption 😂

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