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Why does it seem like I’m a slave to my mind?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Who’s ever had the thought “this time it’s going to be different!”? For whatever it may be, most of us will have something we want to be doing differently, but somehow, we find ourselves automatically behaving, thinking, or feeling exactly the way we were trying to avoid.

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I’ll give you an example. Before I started meditation, I had a huge amount of social anxiety which developed through high school by being bullied, teased, and rejected on top of all my own insecurities, inferiorities, and doubts that I layered over these experiences. Because of those experiences, I always felt terrified in social settings and it “made me the way I am”. As I got older it just got worse. Even if I wanted to go to a party, and I’d psyche myself up for weeks prior and say “this time it’s going to be different!”, on the day, the same thoughts and feelings would creep into my consciousness. Until eventually, it tended to lead where it always did – by me not going (thereby reinforcing this false mind), or by actually going and instantly being overwhelmed by anxiety (again reinforcing this false mind.)

But how come I wanted to be positive, happy, sociable, and fun but just couldn’t? The mind is the foundation of everything and has a tremendous amount of power over us. All those experiences had falsely trained my mind into thinking this is what social experiences were like. But is that how you experience social scenarios? Is that how everyone else does? Is it that how I experience them now?

Absolutely not!

So how did we come to be a slave to our minds? Unfortunately, it’s a flaw of the human mind. As we experience life, we’re constantly taking these experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions (or what we call “pictures” which is the totality of these) into our mind automatically. Our mind is like an automatic 5 senses camera. Then the mind encodes those pictures and tries to understand, then consolidates similar pictures together, stores all those pictures / memories into the hippocampus, where finally they can be retrieved. Here is the flaw. Through repeated experiences / memories / pictures these minds we have stored within us, are automatically retrieved whether we want them to be or not!

Why? Because we live as a slave to that, thinking those thoughts are real, and thinking there is a self who is experiencing those thoughts! It’s as simple as that, but very few people truly know this.

So then, what’s the solution to this problem? How do I break free from my mind?

Step 1)

Step 2)

Then it’s a matter of discarding them from your mind! As you discard those picture, you will begin to feel lighter, more free, more happy, more peaceful, more joyful – more positive and true! And the more you do this, the more you will discover all of that within you behind all of those pictures!

Step 3)

Just live! Just live as YOU as you’re meant to live. Joyfully, happily, and peacefully forever!

If this is something that resonates with you, and you’re sick and tired of being enslaved to your mind, why not break free from it? Why not find out who you truly are?

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Én kommentar

Ukjent medlem
09. jul. 2022

Yes we all live as a slave to our mind,. That’s why we need to meditate . thanks for sharing

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