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Why is Moving the Body Important for Meditation? Why Does Enlightenment Need More Than Sitting?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023


There is a common misconception that one can achieve enlightenment simply by sitting and meditating. A true meditation practice is one in which the body and the mind are both cleansed. In this article we will explain why this is important and how this method delivers exactly that.

Meditating in your mind only will never deliver true enlightenment
It's not enough to "feel empty" in just your mind

Why sitting meditation is not enough to become enlightened

Have you ever had a day where everything was going well, only to have it ruined in 1 split second? Your morning went well, you enjoyed your day at work and you were productive, happy, and had a good time with your colleagues.

But on the way home, someone cut you off on the freeway, and you then became filled with "road rage". Your whole being became polluted with that toxic emotion and your day was spoiled in an instant! You took it out on your partner or your children and dinner just wasn't the same.

Sitting in a cave meditating by yourself in the middle of the mountains might be relaxing and calming, but if the minute you come into contact with people someone says or does something that upsets you, what was the point of any of that meditation?

That's why we need to get into the practice of meditating even while we're moving, because the mind and body fluctuate with the conditions of life.

Cleansing both your body and mind

The body and mind are one. Just like in the above examples, there's many instances where the body follows the mind. When you have anxiety, you might feel it in your heart, or when you're stressed, there may be tension in your gut area.

This is why we also need to cleanse the body, not just the mind, because they are the same.

The method of clearing away the body and the mind is the true way of becoming permanently enlightened
The method of clearing away the body and the mind is the true way of becoming permanently enlightened

In this discarding meditation, we have the method to clean the body and the mind. As you follow the process in the way it is designed, you will achieve the results. We teach you how to clean your body and mind whilst sitting and while moving and living.

To become truly enlightened you need...?

As you clean away the root cause of your problems, you will gradually become more and more enlightened. Enlightenment is just the awakening in your heart and in your mind of your true self, and your true self is the Universe, which is your true body and true mind.

How to become truly enlightened? Is the universe my true self?
The Universe is your true self and this is true enlightenment

Even if the concept of "enlightenment" doesn't appeal to you, the peace, calm, happiness, and joy you experience as you cleanse away your false body and mind is a treasure that belongs to every human.

Why would you live trapped inside of that false body and mind when you can break free and become your true body and mind and live an eternally happy life?

*This article is an extraction of an article I had written for my previous meditation centre - Perth Meditation.

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